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Wildlife Eviction
Turn Your
Bad Company
Into Good Neighbours
Their Territory
Is Your Territory

Evicting wildlife back into the territory surrounding your premises allows them access to their established food sources. They will rapidly adjust, build new nests and continue to defend the area from new invaders...who would probably attempt to enter your premises !

Now, Wildlife Is Working For You !

Humane and Effective
Wildlife Removal and Eviction

Working with Mother Nature we achieve lasting solutions to wildlife intrusions.

Customers are always thrilled with our methods and often ask for photos when we re-unite babies with their mothers !

Raccoon Babies In Hand

Managing Mother Nature
With Knowledge and Experience

By harnessing your intruders' powerful instincts, we re-direct their attention to the outdoor habitat.

We accommplish this using a variety of nature friendly technologies and preventative measures.

This is the most effective way to ensure that your Bad Company gets out and stays out.

We Work With Regional Authorities To Prevent The Spread of Disease

Our warming climate has introduced diseases that were previously unkown in our region. Humans, farm animals and pets are at increasing risk for exposure.

Eviciting wildlife into its immediate territory is the best way to protect animal populations from the spread of disease.



Did You Know . . .?
Even The Youngest Babies Can Be Returned to Their Mother

Mothers are very adept at relocating their young no matter what the age.

Babies placed in a heated Baby Box at the closed up point of entry, are quickly found by the mother.

Week Old Baby In Hand
Baby Box
Trapping and Relocating Can Cause Suffering and Produce Orphans

Releasing an animal into strange territory is rarely successful.

Established inhabitants will pursue the newcomer and drive it away.

Without established shelter, food and water sources, the newcomer will rapidly deplete its body reserves and succumb to exposure.

Also, the trapped animal may be leaving behind a nest of babies or dependent young who will suffer and die.


two squirrels
Poison Is The Worst Solution

It kills predators like Hawks and Owls.

It can be absorbed by pets who catch wildlife.

Horizontal Skunk
The Best Defence Is A Secure Perimeter

The powerful drive to build a secure nest often attracts wildlife to our buildings where openings and flimsy building materials present oppportunities for entry.

We can inspect your premises and identify potential points of entry and recommend alterations and other measures to prevent Bad Company from moving in.

Wildlife Works For Us Every Day
Pollinate Flowers
Eat Insects, Rodents, Weeds and Scatter Seeds
Will Clear A Barn of Mice Much Faster Than a Cat
A 32 year old bat will eat
14 Million Mosquitoes
in its lifetime.
Large Brown Bat
They prey on insects that are harmful to crops and gardens.